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The Sights Of Charleston

The History Of The “Holy City”

During your tour of Charleston, you see not only the highlights of Charleston’s past but you also delve further into the city and learn about areas not normally seen by typical tourists. All of Charleston’s beauty and charm are preserved due to strict preservation laws, and the suburbs of Old Charleston are a remarkable place to hear and witness the ever-unfolding history of the “Holy City.” A new ordinance passed in 2018 that doesn’t require tour guides to be licensed, but we want to keep our tours historically accurate and informative so all of our guides are still licensed through the city to provide you the best tour of Charleston. Discover some of the sights you may see and learn about on a ride with us (not all sights listed below are guaranteed)!

Discover Your Charleston Tour Stops

Palmetto powder
Palmetto Wentworth-Mansion