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Our Partners and What They Say About Us

  • Chevron down The Spectator Hotel
  • “I have worked with Palmetto Carriage Works since May of 2014. I have experienced being a customer of PCW, as well as working with them through my job, and I have had a remarkable experience on both sides. Guests come back raving about their experience left and right. The one comment I always get is how knowledgeable and enthusiastic the drivers are. What sets Palmetto Carriage Works apart is definitely the staff of people who work for them. I have and will continue to recommend them to guests because they are the most reliable and consistent company in town. Keep up the good work! We enjoy what you do.”

    —Marika Yanke, Concierge, The Spectator Hotel

  • Chevron down Andrew Pinckney Inn
  • “I’ve enjoyed working with Palmetto for seven years in my capacity as front desk manager. I’ve always been 100% pleased with everything they do and it is the only company I deal with! I would recommend them to every guest because they are always the best.”

    —Sandy Pelham, Guest Services Manager, Andrew Pinckney Inn

    “My hotel has had an on-going partnership with Palmetto Carriage Works for packages and recommending hotel guests to use them for tours. They provide excellent customer service and employ very knowledgeable tour guides. What sets PCW apart from other carriage companies is their use of mules, excellent customer service, and multiple ticket booths. I would definitely recommend Palmetto Carriage Works to hotel guests and anyone visiting Charleston.”

    —Jeff New, Front Desk Supervisor, Andrew Pinckney Inn

  • Chevron down Elliott House Inn
  • “Palmetto Carriage Works is our go-to company for our guests. Everyone with Palmetto Carriage is very friendly and professional. They go out of their way to accommodate our guests. Not only do I recommend them to our guests, but I take my family on one of their tours every year. They have fantastic customer service! I have always liked the first part of their tours when they focus on the animal. We love their friendly and helpful staff!”

    —Grace Marsh, Guest Services, Elliott House Inn

  • Chevron down Charlestown Hotel
  • “As a group coordinator, I typically book large private groups through Palmetto Carriage Works. I have never had anything less than a positive experience with Palmetto. They have incredibly friendly staff members and very knowledgeable tour guides. In six years, I have never had a desire to ride on or book a carriage tour with any other company. I only use Palmetto Carriage Works and fully recommend them to all of our groups. They always provides exceptional service for all of our guests and employees.”

    —Jennifer Hahn, Sales & Event Coordinator, Charlestown Hotel

  • Chevron down French Quarter Inn
  • “I have been working with Palmetto Carriage Works as a concierge for 14 years. Their tours are great and guests really love them. Bunny is such a pleasure to work with! I recommend them to all of my guests that come in looking for carriage tours.”

    Jenny Mieke, Concierge, French Quarter Inn

    “I work with Palmetto Carriage Works on a daily basis as part of my job as concierge for the French Quarter Inn hotel. They operate in a very professional manner and their entire staff is extremely friendly. Palmetto Carriage is always very accommodating and their drivers are very knowledgeable. I will continue to use Palmetto Carriage Works. My personal experience was very enjoyable, and the feedback from others is always positive. I would recommend them to my guests every time!”

    —Marvin, Concierge, French Quarter Inn

  • Chevron down Charleston Convention and Group Services Inc.
  • “I have worked professionally with Palmetto Carriage over the past 11 years. My company, Charleston Convention & Group Services, provides customized tours, itineraries, and packages for travel groups visiting Charleston. My company has used Palmetto Carriage Works as its primary carriage tour operator for over 25 years. My experience working with Palmetto has been wonderful. Their management and professional standards are evident in every tour they operate for us. Their guides, drivers and staff are some of the most experienced and reputable in the carriage tour industry. Our guests always give us wonderful feedback after touring with Palmetto Carriage. We will continue to use PCW as our primary carriage tour operator in Charleston, and I would recommend them to anyone interested in seeing Charleston and all the history it has to offer. They are one of the oldest, most experienced, and most respected tour companies in Charleston. PCW has been a responsible member of the local business community and an advocate for the Charleston Tourism Industry for over 25 years. Their passion for giving both locals and visitors a fun, unique, and educational experience truly sets them apart.”

    —James Mellen, Director of Sales, Charleston Convention & Group Service, Inc.

  • Chevron down The Mills House Hotel
  • “I regularly coordinate with Palmetto Carriage for our guests at the hotel, setting up both public and private tours. I also set up tours with PCW at a bed and breakfast where I worked prior to my current position at the Mills House Hotel. They are extremely reliable and timely with their tours and offer guests excellent service while providing an entertaining and factual tour. They care for their animals and provide regular treatment for them from pasture time to daily temperature checks. I recommend Palmetto every day at my job, and I have never had a guest give me negative feedback about their experience. PCW is a pleasure to work with on a daily basis. I would never hesitate to recommend Palmetto as a top notch tour. The Palmetto staff has gone above and beyond to make availability for our guests and to provide them with a great experience.”

    —Maggie Fowler, Concierge, Mills House Hotel

    “Palmetto Carriage Works has been a great partner with us and for our clients. We have worked with them on many occasions for over 25 years. They have a very professional staff and so much compassion for their animals. Palmetto Carriage Works is the friendliest carriage company and most knowledgeable about Charleston history. They really care about the customers and take great strides to provide the best care for their staff — including the animals. Positive experience all around. The carriages are a tremendous asset to Charleston’s tourism community. This mode of touring is much safer than bikes and one cannot argue that the environmental impact is much better than a bus!”

    —Rachel Renney, National Sales Manager, The Mills House

    “I have called this company many times to make my guests reservations with public and private carriages. I have spoken to many different people at Palmetto Carriage Works and all of them are very nice and really care about their customers. They all try their best to make the experience memorable. I believe PCW genuinely cares about their customers and horses. I know they take them out of the heat when needed. I recommend Palmetto to every single one of my guests, family, and friends. They work very well with our company and are very dependable.”

    —Jennifer Kress, Front Desk/Concierge, The Mills House Hotel

  • Chevron down Adventures in Charleston
  • “I have worked with Palmetto Carriage Works since 1986 on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The entire staff at PCW is very professional, from the reservationists to the boarding crews and driver and guides. They are always attentive, flexible, and accommodating and strive to make the best experience possible. It is a family business that constantly delivers a good practical service.”

    —Jim Simpson, President, Adventures in Charleston, Inc.

  • Chevron down Circa 1886
  • “I have worked with Palmetto Carriage for 15 years. We use their private carriages for romantic tours and for our celebration guests, and we use their large carriages for our annual Christmas Progressive Dinner. My experience with PCW has been nothing short of perfection. There is no other company that I would trust to create treasured memories for my guests and clients. They have a close-knit staff, who are loyal to their company and their customers. They make the client feel as though they have known them for years. I only use Palmetto Carriage and I absolutely recommend them to all of my clients.”

    —Ginny Severs, Event Coordinator, Circa 1886

  • Chevron down Wentworth Mansion
  • “I have worked with Palmetto Carriage on a daily basis since joining the Wentworth Mansion in 2012. I use Palmetto Carriage exclusively for private carriage tours and wedding carriages and they are always my first recommendation for a guest looking for a public tour. I always have a positive experience with Palmetto Carriage Company. In the rare instance of a miscommunication or error, they are quick to make it right. Palmetto Carriage operators have the best knowledge of carriage routes and city ordinance restrictions for carriage tours. I feel that Palmetto Carriage holds their employees to a higher standard than most tours companies in the city. They are disciplined in tour details, customer service, and animal care. Palmetto Carriage is the only company I recommend to my guests, and all of my brides, at the Wentworth Mansion. They do the best job with wedding carriages in addition to the regular tours. Huge thank you to Bunny and her team for always accommodating me!”

    —Aly Cokeley, Assistant Innkeeper, Wentworth Mansion