The Sights Of Charleston

Grace Episcopal Church Palmetto Carriage Works

Exterior of Grace Episcopal Church in Gothic Revival architecture as seen on the Palmetto Carriage Works Charleston tour.

Charleston is a charming southern city dating back to the 1600s with a rich history which is partially evident in the many grand, historical churches that dot the city. One of these churches is the Grace Episcopal Church, standing tall as a perfect example of Gothic Revival architecture in the city. Come along on a relaxing carriage tour of Charleston and discover all the rich culture and heritage this city has to offer visitors and locals alike.

Grace Episcopal Church was built in 1846 and admitted to the Diocese of South Carolina amidst strong religious fervor and a growing population. This explains why the church was founded during a time when there were already four Episcopal churches in the city.

The view of the Charleston skyline from the harbor reveals a beautiful picture including many distinctive church steeples all unique in their own way. Grace Episcopal Church’s unique architecture evokes Medieval European cathedrals with its spire, pinnacles and arched windows and doorways. Stained glass windows depicting stories of Christ complete the stunning picture.

Although Grace Episcopal is a thriving church today with a growing parish and many active programs including worship, education and service programs, the church has not been without its difficulties. The Grace Episcopal had to reopen in March of 1865 after undergoing repairs needed due to excessive damage suffered during the Civil War.

Again the church was damaged, and this time almost beyond repair, in 1886 when an earthquake rocked the city. Grace endured damage due to a hurricane in 1911 and again in 1989. This time, the congregation took the opportunity to not only repair the damage, but restore the church back to its earlier grandeur and appearance.

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