Palmetto Carriage Works

The Big Red Barn Charleston, SC

Horses returning to the Palmetto Carriage Works Big Red Barn in Charleston South Carolina

Family owned and operated Since 1971

In business since 1971, Palmetto Carriage has created the greatest carriage experience in the city. Family owned and operated, the Doyle family, together with a dedicated team of employees, has fine-tuned every aspect of carriage tours – from loading and unloading in our easily accessible barn, to providing lively and accurate accounts of Charleston’s extensive history.

The quality and longevity of the staff is also a testament to the standard of excellence held at Palmetto Carriage Works– over half the employees have more than ten years experience in the carriage business. A customer not only receives a quality carriage tour, they can rest assured knowing that they are getting the absolute best product on the market from the most experienced staff.

Palmetto Carriage Works The Barn

The popularity of the tour has grown out of the Big Red Barn. The quality and longevity of the staff, the remarkable record of animal care, and the thousands of satisfied customers all stand testament to an outstanding product; a product that they stand behind 100%.

Palmetto Carriage was here before any of the other carriage companies and has developed the greatest carriage experience in the city.

In addition to the knowledgeable and professional employees, the animals at Palmetto Carriage Works are specifically trained and well equipped to handle carriage tours in the city. With over 40 horses at the barn downtown and at their farm on John’s Island, Palmetto Carriage Works has an excellent animal care record and takes pride in the services provided to the animals. Animals receive ample pasture time throughout the year in addition to working downtown. The animals’ temperatures are taken after every tour, every day of the year.

Animals are pulled from service if their temperature is too high, if the outside temperature reaches 98 degrees, or if the combined temperature and humidity level reaches 180. Our farrier has over 35 years experience shoeing animals and examines them once a week, and our animals receive a yearly visit from a Certified Master Equine Dentist. Additionally, they are seen by an equine veterinarian twice a year for regular checkups.