The Sights Of Charleston

Colonial Lake Palmetto Carriage Works

Horse-drawn carriage tour outside of historic Colonial Lake, as seen on the best tour of Charleston, South Carolina by Palmetto Carriage Works.

You might be wondering why a lake and lakeside park are part of a historical carriage tour in a city filled with historical architecture. Colonial Lake just happens to have a story and rich history all its own. Colonial Lake was originally named Rutledge Street Pond. This is back in 1768 when the manmade pond was part of the commons and most likely functioned as a mill pond, used to power saw mills located in the area. Although it was renamed Colonial Lake in the 19th century, you might still catch a local calling it “the pond”.

Tourists and residents alike have been enjoying this lake and park for hundreds of years. It is especially popular during the holidays when events are held in the park and the famous Charleston Christmas tree glimmers with twinkling lights right in the middle of the lake for all to see. The park is also a famous spot for such special occasions as wedding proposals and other important events or gatherings.

But it’s a good spot for quiet pursuits also. Any day of the year you are likely to find people casually strolling around the lake, sometimes with laughing children or cheerful dogs. Bikers and joggers regularly use Colonial Lake as the background for a ride or a run. And if you just want to sit awhile and enjoy the gorgeous view there are many park benches just waiting for you to come relax.

Come along for a quaint carriage ride with Palmetto Carriage Works and take the opportunity to spend some time in this charming, historical city park. Don’t forget your camera.