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City of Charleston Veterinarian: Palmetto Carriage Works’ care, comfort and welfare of animals “met or exceeded regulations”

Here at Palmetto Carriage Works, we take pride in the care for our animals because, well, we care for them like they are our family.

Therefore, when the City of Charleston’s independent veterinarian conducted his annual inspection of Palmetto Carriage Works in the beginning of September, we were happy to show him the level of care we give our animals.

The conclusions? Palmetto Carriage Works passed inspection and our “comfort, care, and welfare of animals was appropriate and met or exceeded regulations made by the City Of Charleston.”

Here are eight notable ratings and some additional comments from Charleston’s independent veterinarian who inspected our facilities:

  1. General condition and weight of the animals: Excellent (5/5)
  2. Do the animals appear properly and appropriately groomed? Excellent (5/5)
  3. Is the barn in good condition? Excellent (5/5)
  4. Do the stalls meet the requirements in the City Ordinance? YES
  5. Does the staff appear trained and comfortable around the animals? Excellent (5/5)
  6. Were the animals generally treated well and cared for (i.e. not just an investment)? Excellent (5/5) “Very happy.” – Additional note from veterinarian
  7. Do they have accurate, complete records of temperatures taken on the animals over the past 3 years? Excellent (5/5)
  8. Do they have driver education / training records? Excellent (5/5) “Training is above and beyond expectations” – Additional note from veterinarian
  9. Is there adequate cooling (i.e. fans, misters) for hot weather? Excellent (5/5)

Charleston’s veterinarian also noted that, “All animals were calm, quiet, and comfortable in their surroundings. Animals in teams were housed together to prevent stress from separation, but adequate space was given so both animals could lie down simultaneously.”

We take pride in sharing our commitment to our animals and are happy to report these positive findings about our care and business operations. Stop by the Big Red Barn or check out our live cam to see for yourself.