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Happy Retirement, Sissy!

On Monday, we officially retired Sissy the mule to live out her years on a beautiful farm in Lexington, SC. 20 years old now, she gave tours with Palmetto Carriage Works since joining the family in 2007 after her career as an Amish work mule in Pennsylvania.

Sissy is a sweet girl and is one of the few animals that we owned that would cuddle with you. She loves attention, a good scratch behind the ears or on her back, and a treat every once in a while. She was a company favorite for many employees and customers alike.

But despite her loving demeanor, she also has a sassy streak and would let you know if she didn’t like what you were doing!

She spent a good portion on her Palmetto Carriage Works career on a “big” (16 passenger carriage), originally pulling with Bud the mule, then with Yahoo the mule.

Her one “true love” came after that when she started working with a private carriage. This change allowed her to share a stall with Apache the horse. Sissy lived with Apache and would pull with him on a big when a special occasion warranted it. On days they both worked on private carriages and would pass each other in their travels, they would call out to each other as if saying hello.

Everyone here at Palmetto Carriage Works will miss Sissy but we wish her many happy years in retirement!