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Private, white horse drawn Palmetto Carriage Works date night tour through historic Charleston, SC is the perfect date

Love and Romance in Charleston: Planning the Perfect Date

Romantic Outings in Charleston, SC With February being a particularly popular month for booking romantic outings, we thought it only fitting to share some details about our idea of the perfect Charleston date night. There are no shortage of ways to start, enjoy and end the evening in the Holy City, but we’ve compiled our…

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2024 Animal Spotlights

O’Malley! Born right on our farm in 2011, O’Malley is a young breed known as the American Spotted Draft. The cranky mare of the group, she certainly makes herself and her feelings known; and we love her for it! She loves back scratches more than most, and we couldn’t be happier to have her on…

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a man riding a horse drawn carriage in front of a building

Historic Homes in Downtown Charleston, SC

Charleston’s rich history is one of its most lovable qualities, and is one of the reasons why so many visitors decide to move here. Taking a walk down a quaint South of Broad street can easily turn into a self-guided history lesson if you stop and look around. Here are some of the historic sites…

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Animal Spotlights

Chester! He loves the camera, and we love his big personality. Born in 2012, this horse wears the biggest shoes we have; a size 8! Weighing 2,200 pounds, he is currently our heaviest horse and happily pulls carriages on his own all around town. We are so thankful to have him in our herd. Boeing!…

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a close up of a horse drawn carriage in front of a building

Holiday Activities in Charleston

With Thanksgiving behind us, now’s the time to start decking the halls and planning which of the many holiday activities your family would like to take part in. Whether it involves watching snowfall from the sky, taking a dreamy holiday themed carriage ride around Town Centre, or walking through one of Charleston’s most beautiful historic…

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Animal Welfare

Horse and mule-drawn carriages in Downtown Charleston are not an unusual sight. Passersby often question whether or not the animals are enjoying the work that they do, and if it is safe. At Palmetto Carriage Works, we take pride in the quality of care given to our animals and operate with their health and well-being…

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Tourism Day 2023

Much of Charleston, South Carolina’s charm can be attributed to its rich history. Each year, the city welcomes new and returning visitors with open arms, offering a variety of ways in which to see and learn about the many changes it has seen through the years. The Charleston Tour Association’s participating companies comprises certified tour…

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 Guide to Historic Downtown Charleston Neighborhoods

Downtown Charleston is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and historic architecture that the southeast has to offer. Similar to other U.S. cities, Charleston can be broken into several different areas each offering its own unique and rich history. South of Broad Located at the southern tip of Charleston’s peninsula, the iconic South…

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4 Tips For Those Planning a Destination Charleston Wedding You Should Keep in Mind

Book Your Venue Early Wedding planning can be done in a variety of ways, but one constant remains in Charleston: venues need to be booked early. Specifically, if the goal is to have a Saturday evening wedding, the venue will need to be booked between 12-18 months ahead of time. Charleston is a popular destination…

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4 Things to Do This Fall in Charleston

As the summer comes to an end, Charleston locals and visitors are looking forward to adding some fall activities to their to-do lists. From historical city tours to harbor cruises and aquarium visits, the list of choices feels seemingly endless as the weather begins to cool down and being outside is enjoyable again. Here are…

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