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Love and Romance in Charleston: Planning the Perfect Date

Romantic Outings in Charleston, SC

With February being a particularly popular month for booking romantic outings, we thought it only fitting to share some details about our idea of the perfect Charleston date night. There are no shortage of ways to start, enjoy and end the evening in the Holy City, but we’ve compiled our idea of the best way to spend a date night with someone special.

Private, white horse drawn Palmetto Carriage Works date night tour through historic Charleston, SC is the perfect date

Palmetto Carriage Works Horse-Drawn Tours

What better way to begin an intimate evening on the town than to book a private carriage tour of Charleston. Palmetto Carriage offers evening private tours each day of the week at 6PM (and sometimes later, if desired.) Private carriage rides are approximately 35 minutes long and come with a private, personal tour guide of the city. Being the oldest carriage tour company in town, Palmetto Carriage Works tour guides are both knowledgeable and seasoned, ensuring an excellent tour each time they venture out of the Big Red Barn.

Market Pavilion Bar: Views and Cuisine

Once acclimated to Charleston after the carriage tour, it might be time to venture down the road for some light fare leading up to dinner. The Market Pavilion Bar, a rooftop oasis located on the corner of Market and East Bay Streets (and just a 3-4 minute walk from Palmetto Carriage Works’ Big Red Barn,) offers everything this date calls for in terms of food, drinks and views. Enjoy unobstructed Cooper River views (including the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge) as well as Downtown Charleston landmarks like church steeples and historic homes.

Historic Stroll: Rainbow Row and White Point Garden

Hopefully after indulging in the delicious appetizers and drinks that Pavilion offers, there is still room for dinner. In order to make sure, a walk down Easy Bay Street, through Charleston’s French Quarter, might be in order. Walking south down East Bay Street will ultimately land guests at White Point Garden, the southern-most point of Peninsular Charleston. This one mile stroll will pass right by Charleston’s famed Rainbow Row, which is the row of pastel-colored historic homes on East Bay Street. If time allows, this self-guided walking tour is well worth the time it will take to get there and back.

High Cotton: Intimate Dinner in Charleston

With hunger likely setting in at this point, the next best stop on this romantic Charleston evening would be an intimate dinner at Charleston’s High Cotton restaurant, located at 199 East Bay Street. High Cotton is known for its Lowcountry inspired food, with current menu items including shrimp & grits, filet mignon and applewood smoked duck. It’s hard to go wrong when choosing the right appetizers, meals and desserts, but the server can likely offer some insider info as far as what is best in that moment.

Joe Riley Waterfront Park: The Perfect Ending

Once dinner has sadly come to an end, a quick stroll down to the Joe Riley Waterfront Park might be the best way to wrap up a romantic evening. Home to the famous Pineapple Fountain, the Joe Riley Waterfront park is a quick 3 minute walk from High Cotton, featuring lush landscaping and beautiful views of the Cooper River and Charleston Harbor. Walk down the historical long parcel of land by the water, which was once the center of local maritime traffic travelling in and out of Charleston Harbor. Enjoy the beauty beneath the trees or take a break on one of the many park benches. This might be the perfect opportunity to ask a passerby to photograph the evening!

Charleston Date-Night Delight

Charleston’s date-night options are seemingly endless; but if exploring this historic city on foot or by carriage is of interest, this proposed itinerary might be the one to consider.  This type of experience will allow guests to become immersed in Charleston’s vibrant history while enjoying some of the city’s best food and most beautiful views in town. We hope these ideas help to piece together the perfect romantic date in Downtown Charleston.