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Animal Spotlights


He loves the camera, and we love his big personality. Born in 2012, this horse wears the biggest shoes we have; a size 8! Weighing 2,200 pounds, he is currently our heaviest horse and happily pulls carriages on his own all around town. We are so thankful to have him in our herd.


This 14 year old Percheron is an easygoing horse who likes everyone he meets! (Humans and other horses included.) He was purchased from a St. Louis Carriage Company and we expect that he will turn completely white as he ages. He loves getting his hair cut almost as much as he likes being photographed. We love him like family!


Born in 2014, Deuce is a type of Belgain called a Brabant. He is the only blue roan horse in our herd, currently. Deuce’s personality is all business; he has somewhere to be and he’s going to be there! There is one thing that will distract him from his plan, though, and that is cuddles. As sweet as he is beautiful, Deuce is an invaluable member of the Palmetto team!