10 Reasons To Take Our New Historic Walking Tours

At Palmetto Carriage Works, we know what we are best known for is our beautiful animals and our carriage ride tours through the historic district of Charleston. But what is life without a little variety, eh? We are now introducing historic walking tours!

Here’s a checklist to see if you are a match for one of our historic walking tours:

  1. You want to learn about the unique history of Charleston, SC.
  2. You’re an architecture buff and want to see all the charming homes and buildings that our city has to offer.
  3. You like being entertained and smiling.
  4. Your family is visiting and you really need something to do with them that doesn’t include spending an exorbitant amount of money on King St.
  5. You’ve lived here awhile and you still don’t know anything about your city.
  6. You’d like to meet new people.
  7. You love the outdoors including the smell of jasmine flowers and hearing the lapping of waves against the seawall at the Battery.
  8. You want to impress your in-laws/co-workers/significant other with your Lowcountry knowledge.
  9. You need to scope out new places to take your family for a picnic, clients for a photoshoot or just to get some “me” time.
  10. You need a clever Christmas gift that someone won’t expect! (Did we mention that we have gift cards available?)

If you answered “this is definitely me” to one or many or all of these reasons, you should book your historic walking tour today. The tours are 2 hours and cover 10-15 city blocks. Adults are $18 and children are $10!