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Top 5 Charleston Moments from 2018

Our city’s history is dense, but 2018 proved to be a great one. Here are the top five Charleston moments from 2018 in New Year’s Eve countdown fashion:

  1. Charleston issued over 5,000 wedding licenses last year! Weddings continue to be a huge staple of our economy and we enjoy it, too. Check out this great shot, published by Charleston Weddings Guide on Instagram and snapped by Christa Rene:
  1. Depending on who you are, this may be good or bad news: Travel + Leisure named Charleston the #1 city in the U.S. for the sixth consecutive year. We love all the recognition and influx of visitors from all corners of the country (but some locals like it less).
  1. Hurricane Florence caused some hysteria this fall, but the good news was that the damage and rainfall was much less than initially anticipated. We only had to deal with our regularly-scheduled flooding Downtown. Thankfully, our barn was in tip-top shape and we only had to close for one day.
  1. Sure, losing the lawsuit prohibiting unlicensed tour guides from peddling faux history to travelers was a blow, but we persevere; committed to only hiring licensed tour guides–and the best at that! 
  1. Clemson is headed to the National Championship Game again! Even if you root for the Gamecocks, the state can unite in our love of (hopefully) beating Alabama.

There’s one thing that never changes year to year and that is our great appreciation to all our visitors and guests. We are grateful for your continued support in the community and are looking forward to seeing all of you next year!