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The Charleston Carriage Industry Sets the Record Straight

Summer is here and there is a lot of misinformation being spread to Charlestonians about the Charleston Carriage Industry.

We are here to set the record straight.

It was reported yesterday by activists on Facebook that at 1:16pm that our carriages were still being sent out after we had been told to pull carriages off the street at 11:50am.

Here is what actually happened:

At around 11:50am this morning we received word from the city that they had 4 consecutive temperature readings indicating 95 degrees. Following proper procedure we stopped all carriage tours until we received further word for the City of Charleston.

At 12:50pm we received word that the temperature had dropped below 95 degrees. At that time we also received clearance from the City of Charleston to resume tours.

At 1:35pm we received word that the temperature reading went back up to 95 degrees. Again following proper procedure we made sure that no new tours went out.

All tours were off the street by 2:30pm.

In addition to following City of Charleston regulations we also continued to take our horses’ and mules’ individual temperatures after every tour (since it is a better indicator of their well being).

We take the health and welfare of our animals very seriously. We also value our relationship with the City of Charleston Tourism Commission.

Today should be an example of how the system is working to ensure the safety of all carriage horses in Charleston.