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Meet Shy Guy, Abbapoola

One of the best parts of getting to work with horses and mules everyday is getting to know all of their personalities — AND all of our horses and mules are quite the characters. This week we are introducing you to our horse Abbapoola!

Abbapoola is a 17 year old Belgian horse. He’s a big boy, weighing in at 1900 pounds and is a beautiful red roan color with no mane. Don’t let his size fool you though, he is rather shy and can be sensitive about his ears, therefore he requires gentle care.

Abbapoola also loves savoring his food as he is a slow eater, he is a sweet horse with a bashful and kind personality.

He pulls big carriages and can also pull small private rides as well.

Keep an eye out next time you are in downtown Charleston, you just might see Abbapoola the horse taking visitors for a tour! We also hope you will come meet him and the rest of the Palmetto Carriage Works family at The Big Red Barn!