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Check Out What This Visiting Veterinarian Had To Say After Seeing Our Animals Up Close

We get a lot of visitors here at The Big Red Barn — some horse people, some people who’ve never even seen a horse up-close, and sometimes even veterinarians! It’s always great to hear when professionals recognize the level of care we provide for our horses and mules on a daily basis.

Here’s a note from a veterinarian who recently took a Palmetto Carriage Works carriage tour:

Just wanted to send a note to Ben and the rest of the crew at the Big Red Barn for a wonderful reception when I was there last weekend. They were all very friendly and welcoming, and even gave me a tour of the tack and grain room, after learning that I was a veterinarian.

It was encouraging to see the detailed records on all the horses in the town barn, which included their temperatures after every ride. Palmetto Carriage appears to take their responsibility for the hoof stock very seriously, hence the shade cover and the mister fans behind the barn. All the horses and mules I saw there were shiny (except the recently shaved ones), in good weight, with clean legs and well cared for hooves.

By the end of the weekend, I was almost thinking about selling all my holdings in Maine, moving to Charleston, and applying to be a driver for Palmetto!

Thank you so much for your hospitality and for letting me see the whole operation. I did write a good review for Trip Advisor already.


A Veterinarian from Maine