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Canadians Take a Charleston Carriage Ride!

It’s always great to hear back from our customers about their experience taking a Palmetto Carriage Works carriage tour and visiting with our horses and mules at the Big Red Barn! Here’s a letter we received from Fred and Gail from Canada:

Hello Ben!

I just wanted to say thank you for the tour of your barn and the behind the scenes look at Palmetto Carriage Works!

We were in awe of the cleanliness, how friendly everyone was and the care of your animals…The feeding, the housing and the attention to health of your herd. Everything about Palmetto Carriage was amazing!

Gail and I are in the Trailride business in Canada, and whenever we go somewhere where there are horses and cattle we always check them out. We want to see how everyone else “does it” and get some new ideas. We have toured barns from the Grand Canyon to Frankenmuth, Michigan — and let me say in all truth — we have never come across a facility that was as well run as the Palmetto Barn. Never. If there is an industry standard, you folks are on top! Honestly, we just can’t get over the attention to details of the whole picture…from the public, your very friendly tour guides and staff, carriages and of course your animals.

It was a pleasure to meet you. We will definitely be talking about you for some time. Well Done, Well Run. Amazing Place, Palmetto Carriage.

Keep in touch!

Yours Truly, Happy Trails,

Fred & Gail C.