Charleston’s Carriage Tour Standards Are Working

Palmetto Carriage Works is committed to our animals. We take their health and well-being very seriously and we’re proud of our record. Our horses and mules are healthy and well cared for.

Carriage tours in Charleston have been operating under some of the highest standards in the country since 2007. The standards are working.

Nearly a decade ago, Palmetto Carriage Works and other tour operators partnered with the officials from the City to set the temperature thresholds for tours to operate. Simply put, if it’s too hot, we put a stop to our tours. The current standards of 98 degrees and heat index of 125 degrees have been an effective standard.

The key measure for our horses and mules is their internal temperature and we monitor this after every tour. If they’re too hot, we give the teams a rest and water (and they can cool down in the Big Red Barn with fans and misting fans also). We’re proud of our record of having zero heat-related incidents.

We’ll continue to work with City officials to ensure this iconic industry continues to operate in accordance with the current standards.