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Joe, NYC Academic, Finds Carriage Horses Stress Free

By Jennifer Fermino at New York Daily News You’re probably more stressed than a New York City carriage horse, according to a new study. A California academic who specializes in equine medicine conducted an intensive study of stress levels on Big Apple carriage horses and found them completely angst-free — even after a long day…

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AVMA and AAEP Enter Into the Urban Working Horse Debate

Urban working horses, such as carriage horses and mounted police units, have occupied city streets for decades. But in recent years, these usages have drawn scrutiny over the animals’ welfare, or more specifically, whether these horses are working in humane conditions and acceptable environments. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told animal rights activists during…

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1st Annual Carriage Day a Success

On October 4, 2014, Charleston, SC hosted the first annual “Carriage Day” in collaboration with all five carriage companies supporting Charleston’s local equine rescue LEARN. Support for Charleston’s Working Horses hosted the event downtown in the market providing food trucks, art, light shopping, and a visit by LEARN’s rescue “Whisper”. Passerbys enjoyed the meet and…

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Retrospective Review of Charleston Carriage Horse & Mule Welfare

Julie M. Rosser, DVM, DACVS Anna Ardis, BS, BA, MAT Clinic for Equine Surgery, Veterinary Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria Received: September 3, 2013; Received in revised form: December 26, 2013; Accepted: January 6, 2014; Published Online: January 17, 2014 Equine Welfare and Carriage Horse Companies have been recently highlighted as matters of public…

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