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1st Annual Carriage Day a Success

On October 4, 2014, Charleston, SC hosted the first annual “Carriage Day” in collaboration with all five carriage companies supporting Charleston’s local equine rescue LEARN. Support for Charleston’s Working Horses hosted the event downtown in the market providing food trucks, art, light shopping, and a visit by LEARN’s rescue “Whisper”. Passerbys enjoyed the meet and greet of “Whisper” the paint gelding, and learning about proper equine care. It was an educational day for those to walk through each carriage company facility of downtown Charleston to see healthy horses in action helping horses in need for this day.

“Whisper” enjoyed meeting friends and fans of downtown Charleston to help raise funds for LEARN Rescue.

I couldn’t help but sift through the photographs that LEARN displayed of all of the neglected and abused horses they have rehabilitated. It doesn’t just happen here in Charleston. It is a worldwide problem. Many unfortunate horses are dumped out to pasture without proper nutrition, shoeing, and attention.

Kisses to the Horses!

The carriage industry of Charleston makes it a point to showcase their healthy equines and their beautiful quality of life. All equines downtown Charleston are regulated by strict laws including temperature readings after tours, proper footwear, barn cleanliness, nutrition and vet visits. Old South Carriage Company features a heavenly 65-acre pastureland on John’s Island, SC specifically for their horses (and employees to enjoy for company events). More than twenty five working Belgian and Percheron Draft horses at Old South are consistently rotated regular from the downtown stable to Sugah Cain Plantation, the “horsey heaven”. I’m proud to share these facts on these working horses that love their job and enjoy their healthy lives in beautiful Charleston, SC.

KEEP the Carriages in Charleston.

Carriages are a critical part of our history, brand, and authenticity of Charleston, South Carolina. Carriage Day is a way of recognizing the history and beauty of the horse-drawn carriage. Before cars, this was our transportation and our quality of life. Let’s keep them clip pity clopping on the streets in preserving the beauty and history of Charleston, SC.

Classic Carriage Works presented two antique carriages. The first, was the “Rockaway Carriage” named for the town of Rockaway, New Jersey. This particular style of carriage was first manufactured in 1830. This carriage dates to the late 19th century and has been used in several different films and television productions, most notably the 2003 film Cold Mountain.

The funeral Hearse carriage was built in the late 19th century by George L. Brownell in New Bedford, Massachusetts. This hearse has been used for funeral services for over a century.

“Keep Calm and Carriage On” tee shirts were worn by all employees in the carriage industry on October 4, 2014. All profits from these shirts were donated to benefit LEARN.

“It’s really exciting to watch the industry come together as a whole in supporting horses that really need help. We, as horse people, understand how expensive it is to maintain healthy horses, and giving back to a cause that is near and dear to our hearts creates something special. I’m looking forward to helping plan for a bigger and better event for Carriage Day 2015. Keep Calm and #CarriageOn y’all!”- Ashley Cline,