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Animal Spotlight: Volvo

Greetings, fellow horse lovers! It’s that time again. Let’s meet one of our newest animals at the barn named Volvo.

How long has Volvo been working at Palmetto Carriage Works?
He’s been working for us since March this year so he’s still pretty new.
Where’s Volvo from? What was he doing previously?
He came from Southwest Indiana where he was a plow horse.
Favorite Snack:
Anything, especially our barn hand Sophia’s hair. ?
Does he have a best friend?
His best friend is a horse/coworker named Toogodoo
Does he have any interesting markings?
Short forelocks (we are hoping these will grow out) a large blaze on his face, front leg half socks (or half stockings) and his back legs have stockings.
How big is Volvo?
He’s our heaviest (2218 lbs), youngest (6yrs), tallest (19 1/2 hands).  He’s about six inches shy of being the world’s tallest horse who was 21 hands and 2.5 inches!
Come meet Volvo and his fellow coworkers for yourself. We’re located at 8 Guignard St. and you can take a carriage tour seven days a week with us!