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2019’s Meet a Horse Day Recap

On July 20th, we celebrated National Meet a Horse Day! The event was a huge success and we loved seeing so many Lowcountry kids. The day started with an animal welfare presentation, which followed Yogi and BooBoo (two brothers) on their adventures not only in town but at the farm on John’s Island.

The kids loved getting a little glimpse into their lives including farm life, trips to the dentist and farrier visits:


We also talked about our German words that we use to direct the horses through the streets of Charleston. Did you know that “step haw” means “step left” and “step gee” means “step right”?

After learning about our horses’ lives, we went on a ride around the Charleston City Market. We think it’s safe to say that the parents enjoyed it almost as much as the kids.


We hope that you’ll bring your children out next year to learn more about life at the Big Red Barn, to meet our drivers and caregivers, as well as nuzzle a velvety horse or mule nose!