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What Our Guests Say About our Carriage Tours

If you’ve been thinking about taking a carriage tour in Charleston, SC, but aren’t quite sure which company with which to go, we’re sharing a few of the quotes we’ve gotten in the past few months. Lots of companies will tell you how great they are, but it’s always better to take it straight from the horse’s mouth–or in this case, the customers’.

Justin was our tour guide! He was very knowledgeable and hilarious! And Tom and Jerry were our beautiful team pulling us!” -Kerri Murphy

Great people who truly love and care about the horses and mules. I like how they keep track of the horses hours, just like the staff. To make sure none are overworked. With me being an equine person most of my life, I was extremely interested with the horses shoes. Fantastic job (picture attached). This group is proud of their horses, mules, community and happy to share that enthusiasm to the guests. Weeks of training for the people as well as the horses. A high level of respect, integrity and transparency with this group.” -John Prather

Andrew and Richard were awesome. Very informative, polite, attentive and funny as well. Was a better tour than expected. Would recommend.” -Joanne Smits

Wonderful day. Great tour. Ross our tour guide was a local and FULL of local history knowledge. An amazing experience. We saw how well the animals were cared for.” -Jennifer Davis

Super program at this carriage house. ❤️❤️. I recommend a carriage ride from this company.” -Melanie Pai

“Emily, Andrew & Midnight did a truly fantastic job keeping us entertained while teaching us about the deep history of Charleston, SC. I plan to take any friends or family who visit on this tour.” -Kenneth Rice

Matt A. was our tour guide today and did a great job in bringing history to life through his narrative. He critically thinks about the history while adding his own knowledge and commentary which makes the tour much more enjoyable. Thanks for the wonderful tour with the slowest horse in Charleston. (Endearingly slow).” -Tuan Nguyen


We can tell you how much we love our horses, our guests and our staff until we’re blue in the face, but there’s nothing more powerful than the words of the folks who have taken our tour. We hope you’ll buy a ticket for a public carriage tour in Charleston (or a private carriage tour) and we’ll see you soon at the Big Red Barn!