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What Is Your Favorite Myron Story?

I almost made the mistake of not hiring Myron when he first applied at Palmetto Carriage. He was one of a number of potential guides — more than I needed at the time, and since he already had one job, I passed on him. Thank goodness my needs changed quickly and Myron joined our team.

That was the beginning of the longest career of anyone who has ever given carriage tours in Charleston. That was in 1984, and for the next 33 years Myron Pstrak has been helping Palmetto Carriage show Charleston to the world.

Raised as a navy brat, he lived all over the world which gave him an uncanny ability to connect with his customers, often surprising them with intimate details about their own hometown. A couple from England once took Myron’s tour then shared his birthday dinner two weeks later in their English village. His vast knowledge of Charleston history coupled with his world travels made him the consummate tour guide; I marveled at this combination of knowledge and his infectious excitement in sharing it. Myron ignited a passion for our city in thousands of people.

Even more astounding is the fact that Myron also worked full time on the night shift at the MUSC lab. All night at the hospital, all day at the carriage company, eat, sleep and do it again. Never have I encountered anyone who worked harder, longer, or at a consistently higher level than Myron; and he did this for over 30 years!

Myron is a remarkable man in many respects and his retirement, although well deserved, is a personal loss for all of us at Palmetto. Yet to feel the loss are the dozens of people who regularly call and request Myron as their guide. The growth in popularity our community has experienced has exactly coincided with the career of Myron Pstrak. While Myron isn’t totally responsible for this, I can guarantee you that he has been a major force in translating the allure of our city into a passion that’s now shared by millions.

My hope as both his boss and friend is that his retirement be as successful as his career.