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Three Perfect Days in Charleston

It’s no secret that over the past decade, Charleston’s popularity has increased–and not just with the cruise ship tourists. Bloggers, foodies, fashionistas and entrepreneurs the world over have stopped in to the Lowcountry to see the historic sites, eat our world-renowned cuisine and they might even stay awhile. But if you find yourself planning a trip for a Charleston long weekend someday soon, the recommendations can seem overwhelming.

A few writers have crafted “three perfect days” in Charleston. One of our favorites was published recently at Hemispheres. Besides gnoshes at Leon’s and Husk, they discuss their experience taking one of our tours. The excerpt is below:


We hop a cab back to the Historic District and climb into a different set of wheels: a carriage pulled by two brown and white horses, Sally and Deedee. Horse-drawn carriages seem to outnumber cars downtown—a trend Palmetto Carriage Works launched in 1972 when it became the first company to offer tours. And the horses, I’ve made sure, are well cared-for: They work only five hours a day and get to spend about five months a year relaxing on a farm on Johns Island. Our guide, Gay Spear, is brash and witty and an endless font of information. As we mosey along, past landmarks like the Circular Congregational Church on Meeting Street and dozens of perfectly preserved historic homes, she offers up funny one-liners (“If you dig here, you’re gonna find one of two things: a cannonball or a body”) and interesting design notes, like the origin of the pineapple as welcome sign. Turns out back in the 1700s women used to put pineapples out on the gate port to let people know their husbands were home from their sailing voyages—or “to let their lovers know not to come that night!”


We’re always proud to call Charleston our home and we’re thrilled others who travel here get to experience the wonder and beauty of the city with our certified tour guides! You can book your public or private tour here when you’re planning a Charleston long weekend!