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Palmetto Carriage Works Launches Livestock Relief Effort

One aspect of hurricane relief that is often overlooked in addition to the people that are affected is the amount of animals, including horses, that are displaced.

When our staff at Palmetto Carriage Works heard about the devastation from Hurricane Harvey, we knew that we wanted to find a way that we could help the equine relief efforts in Texas.

That’s why this week, we are launching a supply drive for Texas horses and livestock. Donations are already pouring into the Big Red Barn, awaiting transport to victims of the storm.

“This is just our way to help the animals in need,” said Tommy Doyle, General Manager of Palmetto Carriage Works. “We know that feed and supplies for the animals are in short supply.”

We will be working with two other local carriage companies, and will be coordinating our efforts with Aiken equine veterinarian Mitch Lowry, who will transport the collections to Texas.

We are asking people in the Charleston area to join in the relief effort and donate items needed for horses and other livestock animals.

“We’re going to be filling one of our trailers with supplies and we’re asking other horse and animal lovers to join us,” said Doyle. “There are animals in need and we’re wanting let folks know in Texas and Louisiana that Charleston stands with them.

Palmetto Carriage Works is asking for any of the listed items below, as per the AAEP request:

Hay (square bales)
Shavings (bagged)
Water buckets
Manure forks
Plastic shovels
Bucket clips
Lead ropes
Battery powered clippers
Garden hoses
Blue Dawn (soap)
hand sanitizer
cleaning wipes

The supply drive begins today and will run through Friday. Items can be dropped off at 8 Guignard Street, 20 Anson Street and 14 Anson Street, downtown.