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Name Our New Baby Mini Horse!

We are so excited to announce one of our newest additions to the Palmetto Carriage Works family! One of our mini horses recently gave birth to a colt (which is a baby boy horse!). His cute stubby legs andminiature features have already melted all of our hearts! Our new furry friend along with some of our other mini horses will be down at
the Big Red Barn on July 1st and we’ve been told they’re very excited to meet new friends!

We just have one problem, this baby doesn’t have a name yet! And what better people to help us name him than you! That’s right! Come visit the mini horses at the Big Red Barn on July 1st and help us pick a name for one of these 4 legged cuties. We will be open to name ideas July 1st and 2nd. Whoever submits the winning name online will win a
free private carriage ride (pulled by one of our draft horses or mule teams).

Mini horses AND free carriage rides!? It doesn’t get better than this folks! So come join us in welcoming our favorite new family members on July 1st and bring your creative hats! You won’t want to to miss it!

And don’t forget to submit your name for our new mini colt below!