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Luck of the Horseshoe

You’re probably familiar with the horseshoe being considered a symbol of luck, but do you know why? There are several legends that explain why horseshoes are considered lucky, and all of them go back centuries. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty of why horseshoes are thought to bring luck. (And we’ll even let you in on a few secrets about how to make a little of that luck your own!) 

Something that seems to be agreed upon in most legends is that horseshoes are lucky because they’re made by blacksmiths. According to lore, blacksmiths are extremely lucky people because they work with one of the basic elements – fire. They also work with iron, which is considered by some to contain magic because of its strength and ability to withstand the flame.

Another more sinister legend contends that the horseshoe is auspicious because the devil wants nothing to do with one. See, Lucifer himself once went to a blacksmith to get his hooves shod and the smith nailed the shoes into Satan’s hooves red hot. At first it didn’t phase him, and he went on his way. But soon, it caused him such agony that he tore them off and vowed never to go near a horseshoe again. The lesson? If you keep a horseshoe handy, you can keep the devil away!

So how can you get some luck for yourself? You can always buy yourself a horseshoe, but it’s said that the luck actually increases if you find it – with bonus points if the nails are still in it. As for how to hang it? There are differing opinions on this. Some believe that you should hang the shoe with the heels (or ends) facing up. This provides a safe way to “hold” your luck without it pouring out. Others say it’s better to have the heels pointing down so that all of the luck comes down on the people passing beneath it. Whichever way you choose to hang it, your luck will be with you.

As for Palmetto Carriage Works, we feel like horseshoes are pretty lucky right on our horses’ feet!