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This is How We’re Preparing for Hurricane Matthew

With Hurricane Matthew approaching the Lowcountry, Palmetto Carriage Works has made some preparations for our staff and the animals in our care.

First off, we have closed our operations until Sunday, October 9th to allow all our staff to prepare for the storm.

By the end of today (Wednesday, October 5th), all of our horses, mules and other animals will be evacuated from the Big Red Barn in downtown Charleston to several different farms where they can be safe from the storm.

Prior to this, our staff has made arrangements for hay, grain, water and all necessary medications to be provided at the various farms for our animals for the duration of their stay.

During the storm, the animals will be under constant supervision to monitor for any behavior that isn’t normal so we can address it accordingly. All our horses and mules have medical microchips (much like your dog or cat!) so if something were to happen and they were to get loose during the storm, they would be able to be brought back home safely.

After the storm, our team will check over the animals for any injuries or stress and give the animal the care it requires.