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Combine Two Charleston Tours and Save!


The volume of tours available in Charleston, SC offers endless opportunities to visitors of the Holy City. Those who are interested in house tours have several chances to get a sneak peek inside some of the most historic homes on the peninsula, while those who like a more general overview of the city can sit back and enjoy a horse and carriage tour. The best part about visiting Charleston, though, is the combinations of tours that you can create if you get a little creative. Palmetto Carriage Works offers several combination tour options, giving history buffs plenty of different ways to explore Charleston. 

The first stop on most people’s lists is to the Big Red Barn. What better way to explore the historic streets of Charleston than on a horse & carriage ride, learning the general history of Charleston from a licensed tour guide while taking in the beautiful architecture and water views along the way. Palmetto Carriage Works is the oldest carriage company in town, and they work hard to ensure they are providing the best quality tour experience possible. Stop by the Big Red Barn at 8 Guignard St. during business hours to get a firsthand look at the top notch quality care their horses receive, and take an hour long historic tour if you have the time!

Palmetto offers various ways to combine its carriage tour with other historic attractions around town at a discounted price. One of the most popular combinations is with Fort Sumter Tours. For the Civil War history buffs out there, Fort Sumter is a can’t miss experience. You’ll board a boat in either Downtown Charleston or Patriot’s Point in Mt. Pleasant and you’ll cruise through Charleston harbor until arriving at Fort Sumter. From there, National Park Service rangers will provide programming and answer any questions you might have. The boat will then bring you back to your departure point, concluding this 2.5 hour experience. Book this combination here.

Another combination offered by Palmetto is a tour of the Edmondston-Alston house; one of the historic homes that sits along the Charleston harbor on the Cooper River side of the peninsula. Constructed circa 1825, this is one of the oldest standing homes on the High Battery which has survived major events throughout history such as, the American Civil War, the earthquake of 1886 and many hurricanes that have blown through. The house was built in the late Federal style by Scottish shipping merchant, Charles Edmondston. In 1825, it was one of the first commanding houses to be built along the city’s sea wall away from the hustle and bustle further north on the peninsula. The house museum maintains its history well and is a great stop to consider on your next Charleston visit. Book this combination here.

A third combination to consider would be a tour of Charleston harbor. SpiritLine Cruises partners with Palmetto Carriage to offer a discounted experience on the water. Boarding either in Downtown Charleston or in Patriots Point in Mt. Pleasant, this harbor cruise will offer a different perspective of Charleston. View the many church steeples in Downtown Charleston from the water and learn about the history of the surrounding areas  from your certified tour guide. For those who love to learn by sea and by land, this would be the perfect combination for you. Book this combination here.
Whether you are visiting Charleston for the first time or the 100th, there are always new ways to discover a historic city. Exploring Charleston can be more fun (and more affordable) by taking these combination experiences into consideration. Reach out to Palmetto Carriage Works today at 843-723-8145 for more information or to book your combo. Alternatively, learn more about these options by visiting their website here.