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A Day in the Life of A Retired Mule

Our beloved mule Folly retired to a farm about 6 years ago and we checked in with her to see how the retired life is treating her.

Folly has become the herd leader, bossing around a blue roan percheron and a tri-color Chincoteauge. She doesn’t hesitate to branch out and make new friends, her closest companions being chickens, ducks and dogs.

One of the dedicated workers at the farm, claimed that Folly liked her the most but loves anyone with a treat!

Folly is the farm drama queen, laying her head over the gate with her tongue laying out like she’s dying to get attention. If that doesn’t work she sprawls out on the ground as if someone killed her. She’s quite the actress.

One of Folly’s best stories was when she knocked down two fence posts and took the other two with her on a “freedom run” through the neighborhood.

Folly has made herself at home at the farm with many new furry friends. While we miss her here at Palmetto Carriage Works, we are so glad to see her thriving in her new home.