Palmetto Carriage Mule, Matilda, Happy and Healthy After Trip and Fall

Palmetto Carriage Works mule, Matilda, tripped and fell during a carriage tour around 10am this morning.

“Sometimes horses and mules can trip just like you or I,” said Tommy Doyle, General Manager at Palmetto Carriage Works, “We are taking all proper precautions and making sure Matilda is thoroughly looked over by a licensed vet. We expect that she will receive a clean bill of health.”

After the trip, Matilda, as she was trained to do, remained on the ground for seven minutes until her driver could make sure her harness was untangled so that she would not be injured.

“This behavior is commonly taught to draft horses and mules to make sure they don’t injure themselves or anyone else in the event that they do trip.” says Doyle. “We are committed to the safety and care of our animals, and will ensure that Matilda is feeling 100% before she returns back to work.”