Care for Children the Same as Animals by Joseph Ohorodnyk Sr.

Not only do we now have the ASPCA and PETA, but we also have Mercy for Animals. How many more of these organizations are going to crop up?

I agree that animals should be treated better than some of them are. However, my real concern is for our unborn and small children who look to us grown-ups for care, love, protection, etc. Where are the raised voices for them?

It seems that our future — our children — has been relegated to something lower than the animals that the animal welfare organizations are crying over to protect.

Shame on the society that cares more for treatment of animals than its children. That society will be judged for that. Just look at ancient civilizations that abused their children. They were judged by a higher power and fell.

Are we also going to be judged and fall?

Joseph Ohorodnyk Sr.
Vickie Street